Grow Your Business

One of my first tips I want to include is about the internet and its potential to get more paying customers.

The internet is used everyday by almost everyone in the United States. The popularity is undeniable. I used to think that I could get all my clients by just cold calling or netowrking. However, the only time the business took off is when I started advertising online.

I realized places like Facebook, Twitter, and Internet forums had great targeted ads that could get right to the potential clients I wanted!

This doubled my business within three months, but it didn’t stop there.

I hired someone to do some work on getting my website higher ranked. After rising to the first page my business doubled again! It’s crazy to not be using the internet for advertising these days, because it is just so profitable.

I wanted to make sure this is my first post on my site, because if you aren’t using internet marketing and you are reading this then that is an easy way to gain more business.

Rant completed.

First Post! Video Time

Hey guys, with the first post I wanted to post a video that really helps you understand St Louis.

St Louis is a booming business town and a lot of people don’t know that.

Even my business consulting is taking off.

Here’s a video that shows what St Louis is all about, hope you enjoy!